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Greenville  Biomass

A New Approach to an Established Plant

Located close to Moosehead Lake in the quaint town of Greenville, Maine, Greenville Biomass first began operating in the mid-1980s. For almost two decades, the facility was a strong community member and employer. As the regulatory landscape changed, it became harder for the facility to remain profitable. Clean Maine Carbon purchased the facility in 2017 with a bold vision to provide clean energy to Northern Maine using low-value, discarded woody mass and create biochar, a valuable by-product of energy production.

To have this facility fully operational and providing jobs again will play a large role in growing our community . . . The Greenville Select-board fully endorses [this] plan to become operational and provide jobs to the community.

Jack Hart, Interim Town Manager

This project makes a whole lot of sense and hits many of the marks that we [legislators] all want to see.

Paul A. Sterms, Maine State Representative