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Greenville  Biomass

A New Approach to an Established Plant

Located close to Moosehead Lake in the quaint town of Greenville, Maine, Greenville Biomass first began operating in the mid-1980s. For almost two decades, the facility was a strong community member and employer. As the regulatory landscape changed, it became harder for the facility to remain profitable. Clean Maine Carbon purchased the facility in 2017 with a bold vision to provide clean energy to Northern Maine using low-value, discarded woody mass and create biochar, a valuable by-product of energy production.

We look forward to Clean Maine Carbon providing biochar to our operations on a regular basis. Biochar is an excellent market for the woods products industry. It provides high value use for forestry resources and sequesters carbon in the process.

Stephan Rogers, CEO NextChar

To have this facility fully operational and providing jobs again will play a large role in growing our community . . . The Greenville Select-board fully endorses [this] plan to become operational and provide jobs to the community.

Jack Hart, Interim Town Manager

This project makes a whole lot of sense and hits many of the marks that we [legislators] all want to see.

Paul A. Sterms, Maine State Representative